They say that love comes looking for you when you least expect to find it.

I used to find that hard to believe, until the day I reconnected with my now-husband Alexander.

We had originally met while we lived in two different apartments located right across the patio from each other.

Our apartments had been built so my kitchen window faced his front door.

I was in the kitchen cooking a lot of the time during the evening hours, so it was very easy for me to spy on him through the window glass.

And spy I certainly did!

We have often joked that our relationship reminds us of Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak in the movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” – as I was the annoying neighbor who always wanted his attention while Alexander tried the best he could to hide.

What I didn’t know at that point was that he had a thing for me back then, so he didn’t really mind these little games too much. But he never told me how he felt because I was already dating someone else…

One night Alexander walked through his front door a lot later than usual. I was used to hearing his footsteps on the patio at roughly 8:00 each evening, but my watch told me it was now close to 11:00.

I was too curious to stay away – of course disregarding the late hour and how he probably didn’t want any company.

But I threw all of that out my glass kitchen window as I decided to waltz through my own front door and amble on over to his apartment.

I wasn’t sure he was going to answer my knock, but he appeared in his doorframe wearing a bathing suit with a towel thrown over his shoulders.

“May I help you?” he asked me playfully.

“What’s up?” I tossed back.

“Tonight is my birthday,” he said slyly. “And I was just on my way to the spa. Want to join me?”

I’m sure you can guess how I answered that question!

I quickly changed into my own bathing suit and met him down in the pool area, where he was already sipping on white wine while the bubbles were going in the jacuzzi.

I can just imagine where your mind is going now! But I hate to disappoint you, because nothing happened that night.

Well actually, something did happen…but it is still not what you think!

The night was coming to a close and we were just about to get out of the spa.

All of a sudden Alexander spoke up.

“Because it’s my birthday, can I get a kiss?” he asked me.

“Okay,” I said. But instead of giving him the birthday kiss he wanted, I ended up pecking him quickly on the lips.

Alexander’s job took him to a new part of the city not long after that night, so he moved twenty miles north of me.

We unfortunately lost touch for the next ten years…

And then Facebook entered the picture.

It was he who found me and sent a Friend Request.

We made plans to hang out; and on the first night we saw each other after so long, he chose to come clean and tell me he had always been interested but it was never the right time.

And I can honestly say he got a much nicer kiss that night…

The rest is history from there!

Alexander and I still cannot fathom how we make such a strong couple. After all, who would have ever though that the annoying neighbor was anything but annoying in his eyes?

But we still decided to give it a chance, and a whirlwind adventure together has been the result.

So, how did you meet your own significant other?